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Matt’s Reply Brief – September 17, 2018

Matt’s Motion To Accept The Reply Brief Of 9750 Words Instater – September 17, 2018The Court Grants An Extension For Matt’s Response To The BOP – August 31, 2018

Matt’s Declaration Of Non-Service Of The BOP’s Response To His Brief – August 30, 2018

Matt’s Motion To Strike The BOP’s Oversized Appeal Response Brief Denied – August 23, 2018

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A Message from Matt – July 29, 44 A.C. (2017):


Getting Down to Brass Tacks


Matthew F. Hale

What makes me different, I suppose, is that for more than thirty years now I have felt it my personal duty—beyond that of all others—to save our White Race.  I have never been able to shake that unique sense of calling, even within this prison cell, and thus I awake each day with that responsibility upon my shoulders as amazing and daunting as that may seem.

My greatest sadness then, I also suppose, is that I am unable to do more for our people due to my wrongful and draconian censorship that is presently being meted out to me by my (White) captors, individuals who are totally oblivious to the fact that their misguided oppression of my person today—at the behest of their anti-white Jewish masters, of course—may well be responsible one day, it least in part, for the downfall of their entire White Race altogether.  Little do they realize that they are contributing to a scenario whereby their own descendants will one day be raped, robbed, and murdered into oblivion by the mud races of the world, all because they chose to serve the whims of a worthless, idiotic, illegitimate, and racially destructive Jewish government instead of the best interests of their own kind in the struggle for life.  The fact of the matter is that our White Race is being overrun by those non-white races at this very moment, and unless our White people get their priorities straight—and soon at that—they are doomed, plain and simple.  The non-white hordes will be too great in number for us to turn back the tide and our race and all of its works will be destroyed.

Even our own efforts for the survival of our people have thus been an abject failure, it must be said, for the sad fact of the matter is that not even one percent of our adherents actually understand what it takes for us to win and actually do their duty to make that happen.  Instead there is a lot of sitting around, idle chatter, infighting, and stupidity out there while our racial boat steadily sinks beneath the waves.  Unless we too get our act together and without any delay at that, the day will come when we too will be responsible for disaster which will ensue for our kind.

The bizarre fact of the matter is that the path to victory for a racial movement was set forth a long, long time ago—by men whom we all respect and admire—and yet we have simply failed to follow it regardless of its clarity and its truth.  We have instead dilly-dallied around, hoping that somebody else, somewhere, would do our own job for us.  Well, that’s not the way it works:  if we truly want to save our White Race from destruction, we have to labor personally and incessantly to make that happen, by winning the hearts and minds of the masses, in public, to our cause.  There is no other way.  There is no “easy” path to take!

I ask you then that you do two things: read (or reread, I hope!) Chapter Twelve, Volume One of Mein Kampf (and Chapters Six and Seven of Volume Two if you have time) by Adolf Hitler and Chapter Five of my own The Racial Loyalist Manifesto, for only through our implementation of the basic principles contained therein will our cause actually justify its existence and save the race that we all claim to care about. There is no more time to waste.

What Would They Say?
Rev. Matthew F. Hale
What would they say if you did not fight?
And allow the brightest of day to become as night?
What would they say, White Man True?
Your children precious, who look to you?What would they say if you failed to act?
For fear of others and concern for tact?
What would they say if you worried about manners?
Instead of commencing your march and unfurling your banners?What would they say if your spirit became frail?
From being yearning and hearty, resolved and hale?
What would they say if you closed your eyes?
Resigned to defeat, with heavy sighs?What would they say if you closed your ears?
To the cries of your kin, eyes decked with tears?
What would they say if you abandoned ship?
To the glee of your foe and tyrant’s whip?You know the answer so I need not repeat,
Rather Victory forever and never defeat!
Do your duty and do not be lame,
So your children may never, hang their heads in shame.


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Matt Hale: Prisoner of Injustice (An Interview with Mourning the Ancient) *NEW JANUARY 2016*

Franzs Liszt – Mazeppa:

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Welcome to the Free Matt Hale website. As I am the subject of this endeavor and have the liberty to do so, I thought it appropriate and indeed worthwhile that I personally address you on this site bearing my name. In the main, however, I will let the various legal documents soon to appear on this site speak for themselves, for there is no better evidence of my innocence than the plain facts of my case as remarked upon by these legal documents. Let me though succinctly summarize the facts so that some if not all of the myths about my case may be quickly dispelled as I have longed to do that for many years:

1) I have never, in any respect, solicited the murder of anybody. While that is generally recognized by all objective observers of my case, it bears repeating by yours truly as it is, and has been, commonly but mistakenly held that I was “entrapped”. For entrapment to exist though, the person in question must have, however, ACTUALLY COMMITTED A CRIME but that he was induced to do so by a government informant. Well, quite simply, I was NOT entrapped because I did not commit a crime — the agent provocateur Tony Evola TRIED to get me to do so, but he failed. No entrapment occurred in this case, as outrageous as the government’s conduct certainly was, because Evola solicited ME (not me him) and I simply turned him down.


2) Long before the events giving rise to my arrest on January 8, 2003 occurred, I KNEW THAT EVOLA WAS A GOVERNMENT INFORMANT. This will be surprising news to many of you but this is one of the reasons why this website was created, to finally enable the truth to be told. It was not remotely told at my trial due to dereliction of duty of the lawyers who represented me and for years I was physically restrained from writing you as I am doing now. So let me repeat: I knew that Evola was an FBI informant, quite specifically, at the very time that I supposedly solicited him to murder a federal judge. Did my jury hear the evidence that proved this? No, because my “lawyers” withheld it. Since I knew that Evola was an FBI informant, I obviously, as any rational and sapient person would have to conclude, did not solicit him to commit murder or intend that he did so. The case, or alleged case against me, was built upon the premise that Evola was some kind of trusted confidant or right-hand man and the media and others have repeated that ad nauseam. In reality, Tony was an obvious phony and thus I am obviously innocent.

3) Now for the clincher, if such should be thought necessary: NEITHER EVOLA NOR I WERE EVEN TALKING ABOUT A FEDERAL JUDGE on the key date in question and thus the very foundation of the case –even more than Evola’s status –is a total myth. The widely quoted exchange between Evola and I on December 5, 2002 referred to a “rat, Jew rat”, not a judge and there is overwhelming evidence – -that my jury once again never heard –that this was not a judge at all but rather a lawyer who was involved in the pending trademark case litigation. Thus, not only did I not solicit Evola to murder anybody or intend that he do so, but the alleged target of the alleged solicitation forming the basis for the federal charges, and for which I have been consigned to a 40 year federal prison term, was not a federal judge at all.


I could write more of how my jury (and the public) have been denied critical and conclusive evidence demonstrating my innocence but I believe that I have already revealed enough to shock the conscience of any moral and ethical person. The good and hopeful news is that I have pending a petition for habeas corpus on the basis that my lawyers at trial, by indeed withholding evidence from the jury proving my innocence, violated my Sixth Amendment right to effective assistance of counsel. Many, if not all, of the upcoming legal documents to be posted on this site will be from this pending case for habeas corpus, so I invite you to review them. Please stay tuned, my friends, for the imminent updates to this site that I have indicated. Please also spread the news of this cause of justice itself. My family and I deeply appreciate your support in this ordeal of several lifetimes that we have suffered. We remain unbowed.

Yours truly,

– Rev. Matt Hale

Press Release 12/15: New Wave of Persecution

Twilight or Revival by Rev. Matt Hale

Civil Suit: Doc. 75 Doc. 78 Doc. 80

Update on Matt’s Civil Suit (November 11, 2015) See: Here

Update: 1 | 2

Message from Matt (October 22, 2015):
I will be defending myself in Denver District Court Oct.27th on the civil suit. The court has allowed five days for the trial. I am well prepared and ready to defend our religion, Creativity.
 * * * * *

Current pending legal action:

Matt to argue civil suit through conference call November 17, 2015!

Lawsuit – June, 2015:
pgs 1-5 | pgs 6-9 | pgs 10-13 | pgs 14-17 | pgs 18-21 | pgs 22-27

Reply Brief (Matt and Attorney) August 9, 2015

Opposition’s Brief August 5, 2015

Matt’s Reply to Defendant’s “Response” to Plaintiff’s Objections June 29, 2015

Matt’s Response to the Magistrate May 1, 2015


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Matt Invites You To Listen To A Truly White Cultural Art Form: Classical Music

In a letter I received today from Matt he asked that I invite all of his supporters to listen to his favorite Classical music.  In particular, he wanted to share:

Antonin Dvorak’s Fourth Symphony In D Minor

Rachmaninoff’s First Symphony In D Minor

Also, you can listen to the Classical music radio station that he listens to in prison in Florence, Colorado, USA:

Colorado Springs Classical Music KCME 88.7 MHz FM radio, from American Public Media, is a collection of curated streams, unique programs and relevant features to promote calm and focus.

Matt Invites You To Listen To A Truly White Cultural Art Form: Classical Music

In a letter I received today from Matt he asked that I invite all of his supporters to listen to his favorite Classical music.  In particular, he wanted to share:

Antonin Dvorak’s Fourth Symphony In D Minor

Rachmaninoff’s First Symphony In D Minor

Also, you can listen to the Classical music radio station that he listens to in prison in Florence, Colorado, USA:

Colorado Springs Classical Music KCME 88.7 MHz FM radio

Write Letters To Help In The Effort To Get Matt Freed

In light of the exciting recent development of the pardon of the Oregon ranchers charged under anti-terror law, Matt being pardoned and released could easily also become a reality with your support.  Please download the following three letter templates, one to President Trump, one to the Attorney General of The United States Jeff Sessions,and one to the Pardon Attorney Larry Kupers, fill them out with your personal information, and send them to their respective addressees.  Matt, having served 15 years to this point, would already have completed the normal sentence for the charges for which he was wrongly convicted if it were not for the ridiculous, cruel and unusual use of sentencing guidelines used for terrorists to determine his sentence.  Please take the time to give this effort your support.

Form Letter To President Trump

Form Letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Form Letter To Pardon Attorney Larry Kupers

A White Man Standing Tall by Rev. Molyneaux

Hail to thee, the most revered, Reverend Hale;
Yours is a sad, but heroic tale.
Gifted with brains and a will to match
You are a new breed of man, a superior batch.
Hailing proudly the crusader’s call
You fought with courage: A White Man standing tall.
Betrayed by a bodyguard in a most insidious fall;
And sent to prison in a trial most unjust; Yet still: A White Man standing tall.
Locked in a cage under evil’s thrall,
You stayed pure, proud and true: A White Man standing tall.
Battered and beaten but un-broken: A White Man standing tall.
3 hails to thee the most revered, Reverend Hale:
Hail Hale!   Hail Hale!   Hail Hale!
A White Man standing tall.


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