16 Reasons for Mistrial in Matt’s Case

1. Matt was tried and convicted in federal court in Hammond, Indiana in 2004 for having solicited the murder of Chicago Federal Judge Joan Lefkow. James T. Moody was the judge in the trial. No evidence was ever presented during trial that Matt ever asked anyone to commit murder. Matt is an innocent man that has suffered at the hands of our corrupt government, the corrupt FBI and our corrupt justice system.

2. The government had Tony Evola, a government informant which they paid $75,000 to tape conversations with Matt over a 2 year period to attempt to get evidence that they coud use to put Matt away.

3. On these tapes, never once did Matt ever ask this informant to kill anybody. In fact, Evola was confused as to who the government wanted Matt to ask him to kill. He thought the target was a man.

4. When the government realized that Evola thought the target was a man, they had him send Matt an email referring to the target as being femala( Evola was mentally challenged), being female.

5. Matt was not present for the entire jury selection even though he never waived that right. He was only present for 48%. The law is that he be present for the entire jury selection.

6. When evola testified in the trial, because nothing on the tapes revealed Matt asking evola to kill the judge, Evola testified that he asked Matt if he wanted him to kill the judge and Matt nodded.

7. Matt suspected that Evola was a government informant, he wasn’t concerned because he knew that he would always follow the law and never do anything illegal.

8. Matt was very naive and believed he was safe from prosecution because he always followed the law. Matt went to law school to become an attorney and make legal change in the government and our court system.

9. Just recently, Matt discovered that the jury foreman had testified in another unrelated case that he had disobeyed the judges order not to read anything about Matt or listen to the media. After being accepted as one of the jurors, he went home and did in fact follow the media coverage about Matt and the case disobeying the judges order. He had run home and removed a note on his door saying he was going to be a juror on Matt Hales trial because he was afriad one on Matts supporters might harm him or his partner( he is gay).

10. Matts attorney had a list of over a hundred witnesses and never called one to testify. When Matt told him that he wanted to testify, his attorney told him that he wasn’t prepared to do that.

11. The judge, James Moody allowed another mans crime into Matts trial. It was very obvious that the judge was prejudice against Matt as was the prosecutor. They probably had coffee before walking into the court room.

12. Matts attorney Thomas Durkin of Chicago told the jury they should find Matt guilty on moral charges. He told the jury that he didn’t like and how disgusting Matt was so many words.

13. The last statement the prosecutor said to the jury is that the government had evidence that Matthew Hale ordered one of his organization to go out and kill and injure many people. This is totally untrue. There was never any evidence presented at trial that Matt ever asked anybody to kill anyone. Matt’s attorney never objected, the judge never said anything to the jury asking them to disallow that statement.

14. The trial was tainted and prejudiced, the jury foreman was homosexual, feared Matt supporters. He went into the jury room ready to find Matt guilty before hearing any evidence (there was no evidence).

15. The judge sentenced Matt using the sentencing guidelines used to sentence a terrorist. Matt isn’t a terrorist. He gave Matt a 40 year sentence, Matt has been in solitary confinement for 11 years. He is innocent of any crime and Judge Moody, the prosecutor, and the government know it. Matt has asked repeatedly to have a lie detector test to prove his innocence and has been refused. Recently, he sent David Bindi, the prosecutor that took the place of David Weisman, the prosecutor that prosecuted Matt, a letter asking for a polygraph and was refused. They know it would show that Matt is innocent.

16. We are looking for an attorney in Colorado that does Federal appellate work that also does pro bono work to help Matt. If any of your listeners can help Matt in finding help, please contact me at [email protected]. We asking for donations for Matt’s Defense fund and the publishing of his book. My address for donations is:

Evelyn Hutcheson
200 Carlson Ave. 25 H
Washington, IL 61571

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3 thoughts on “16 Reasons for Mistrial in Matt’s Case”

  1. Ever had to go in for jury duty? And the lengthy selection process? All that stuff happens for a reason. Juries are specially selected to avoid a conflict in the case being tried — hell, Capone’s second cousin could have been in the jury next door for all they knew. That’s why a judge doesn’t have the power to place a jury that the lawyers haven’t selected or interviewed, let alone do so mid-trial.

  2. On the tape TRANSCRIPT Evola asks if he should exterminate the Jew rat.

    WTF didn’t Matt say “Never under any circumstances. Are you crazy?”

    If it was me, I would have been on the phone to the cops about this in a heartbeat.

    Instead Matt said “whatever you want to do”. This is why Matt is in jail.

  3. “7. Matt suspected that Evola was a government informant, he wasn’t concerned…”

    I’m a white nationalist but not a Creator. That said, if Mr. Hale SUSPECTED Tony Evola was a “government informant” then WHY did he continue to have him in his presence? For someone who is claimed to be “intelligent”, “trained in the law”, and “following the law”, this does not make sense. What? He “wasn’t concerned”??? No wonder he was entrapped so easily. No wonder he went to prison. In the end, Hale is largely responsible for why he’s in prison today.

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