Matt Interviewed by The Daily Stormer

Matt Hale is guilty of the worst crime imaginable: he cares about White people.

The following is an interview, conducted through mail correspondence, with long time pro-White advocate Reverend Matt Hale of the World Church of the Creator, also known as ‘Creativity.’

Matt was a highly energetic, dedicated and effective fighter for the pro-White cause until he was tragically arrested and thrown into a maximum security prison in 2003, wherein he has been held in solitary confinement ever since.

Rather than even attempting to summarize the outrageous circumstances surrounding his imprisonment, I will let Matt’s own words speak for themselves.

* * *

BG: Thank you for agreeing to do this interview. To start, could you tell us a little bit about your background, and how you became involved with pro-White activism?

MH: No need to thank me, my good Brother. Rather, I thank you for getting the word out about my plight and providing much needed help through your donations as well. Okay, let me answer your questions then… I was born and raised in central Illinois, played little league baseball when I was a kid, and am the son of two great parents, my late father being an East Peoria police sergeant. I became involved with pro-White activism after realizing, at the age of eleven, that the idea of “racial equality” is simply untenable and that the mixing of the races is destructive to the best interests of our own White Race. In other words, I simply could not stomach the nonsense that society was teaching our people and at the age of twelve I pretty much devoted my life to saving our race from the harm that is being done to it.

BG: What is Creativity? Is this a “hate” group as the media like to claim?

MH: Creativity is a powerful religious creed that is devoted to the salvation of our White Race here on this earth and forevermore. And no, it is not a “hate” group but rather a love group. We love our White Race and we want to preserve, protect, and advance it. We certainly do not view that as hatred and nor is it.

Read “Nature’s Eternal Religion” (the Founding Text of Creativity)

BG: What is the meaning of “RAHOWA”? Is this a call for violence?

MH: “RAHOWA” was coined by our Founder Ben Klassen in 1987 and it is an acronym for Racial Holy War. That said, he makes it very clear in his writings that he is not talking about any kind of illegal, violent acts but rather it is a struggle to defend our race from the harm caused to us by others. Also, people should bear in mind that when he coined the term, the word “war” was not taken so literally as it tends to be today. Thus our “war,” as Creators, is similar to that of the “war” on abortion, the “war” on poverty, the “war” on drugs, and the like. No call for violence is meant or implied. Rather we struggle for the future of our race.

BG: You’ve been in solitary confinement in a maximum security prison for close to 12 years now. What were you convicted of?

MH: I was convicted of soliciting the murder of a federal judge and obstruction of justice through the alleged solicitation.

BG: Was there any evidence of your guilt presented at your trial, or was this all political?

MH: There was no evidence presented at my trial that I solicited the paid government informant to kill anybody, none whatever. Rather, the clear evidence of the case is that the paid government informant solicited me and I turned him down. I challenge anyone to read the decision on direct appeal, 448 F.3d 971 (7th Cir. 2006) and find, anywhere, that I asked, ordered, or even suggested that [Tony] Evola murder Judge Lefkow. It didn’t happen. Yes, I was targeted for political reasons, not legal ones.

Brief Proving Matt’s Innocence on the Basis of the Government’s own Case

BG: It’s my understanding that you have been illegally denied phone and in-person interviews with the news media. Can you tell us about that, and some of the other basic rights that you have been illegally denied since your time in prison?

MH: Yes, I have been denied phone and in-person interviews with the news media and I currently have a lawsuit in federal court about that and other violations of my constitutional rights, in particular the religious persecutions I have faced. My mail has been taken away from me, for instance, for six months at a time and I am also being denied the diet of my Creativity religious faith even though the law clearly says that I have a right to have it.

Matt’s Jan. 9, 2014 Civil Complaint for Multiple Unlawful Rights Violations

BG: You wrote in one of your complaints that other inmates, no matter how radical their beliefs, haven’t been subjected to the kind of religious persecution as you. Why do you think that is?

MH: In our unhealthy, confused society, anything that is in favor of White people is scorned and feared so much that the powers-that-be feel compelled to suppress it if they can, while, at the same time, that which is in favor of the other races is applauded and even endorsed. For example, here at the prison videos are shown promoting the black race, such as videos put out by Louis Farrakhan, while no videos that promote the White Race are ever aired. So, the answer to your question is this: our White people have been infected with White guilt and have been infected with that guilt to the point where they don’t even see the hypocrisy involved in persecuting me for my pro-White religion while supporting the pro-black religion of the black prisoners. In fact, Whites are treated worse in the prison system in general than the other races.

Racist, anti-Jewish, black American leader Louis Farrakhan, who recently called on his followers to “tear this goddamn country up!” over hurt black feelings, is beamed through prison TVs for radical black Muslims to view, while peaceful White leader Matt Hale has been illegally deprived of delivering sermons for his church, reading his holy books, and even eating his religious diet.

BG: What are some of the actions you have taken against your persecutors thus far, and what steps do you have planned for the future, in that regard?

MH: When I am wronged, I go to court and the lawsuit I have pending is a huge case with many different aspects to it. I also make sure that others know what is going on because there are few things worse in this world than being alone in your persecution. We have had excellent coverage in many newspapers and the ranks of my supporters only grows. The bottom line is this, Brother: I’m in this fight for our White Race and my liberation until the end and will continue to do everything for the future of our people that I can. I refuse to allow my predicament change who I am.

16 Reasons for Mistrial in Matt’s Case

BG: What can people do to help?

MH: The most important thing that people can do to help is spread the word about my unconstitutional imprisonment and on a regular and constant basis at that. We have to awaken the conscience of the people to the fact that the federal government is out of control and that it has imprisoned a person for conduct that is simply not against the law. We have to build as much legal and moral presence as possible for my release because when the law and the courts fail to do justice, only an informed and mobilized public can turn matters around. In sum, it is the people who are the ultimate judge and we desperately need them on my side. Post my story on your websites. Distribute leaflets. Spread the word!

Also, be sure to join the Free Matt Hale! email list by emailing [email protected] and requesting that you be signed up for that. Finally, your financial donations help to keep the gas in the gas tank of this effort. Send to:

Evelyn Hutcheson
200 Carlson Ave. 25H
Washington, IL 61571

We need all of the help we can get.

Help Matt to get his Beloved Violin into Prison

I would urge all of you to think about my predicament this way…

There was a fellow once in South Africa who was sentenced to life imprisonment for crimes that he actually had committed and admitted that he had committed. However, he was released early because of the public pressure of his supporters around that world. That man’s name was Nelson Mandela. There is no reason why we cannot achieve the same thing but for an innocent leader for the White Race. We have total moral right on our side, unlike in the case of the black terrorist Mandela, and so we should be all the more successful in returning me to my rightful place! We must make the words “Free Matt Hale!” the most known three word slogan in America! If we do, my early release will surely come.

Anti-White, mass-murdering Communist terrorist Nelson Mandela was not only released from prison, he went on to become the President of South Africa! Here he is pictured with Jew Communist Joe Slovo and his wife, inventor of the “Winnie necklace” terrorist technique, wherein they would put a tire filled with gasoline over the body of their countless victims and burn them alive.

BG: Can you tell us about your upcoming book project(s)?

MH: The first book should be coming out very soon and it seeks to end the cancer of White guilt in everyone who reads it. I believe that it will succeed in that regard. As for the second book, it should come out some time next year (“2015”) for sure and its purpose is to unite the entire Racial Loyalist movement. Both books are extremely important in their own way; I am not someone who writes for pleasure and nor certainly am I someone who would write for money. Better, I write because I believe that I have something to offer that is quite unique and which has the capacity to help save our race from destruction. In fact, what I have sought to do is write things so great that it will be said one day by my persecutors that my false imprisonment backfired. We’ll see whether I succeed or not! Had I not have been imprisoned, the two books would never have been possible.

BG: You were one of the first to point out how the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on America were at the very least blowback for our unmitigated support of the Jew State of Israel—if not planned by them directly—with your excellent 2002 book on that topic. What are your thoughts on this monumental event, now, 13 years later?

MH: It makes me very happy to know that people are still reading and learning from that essay, an essay that has withstood the test of time—and the advent of new developments—quite well in my opinion. “9/11” is still the most sickening and tragic event that I have ever witnessed and it saddens me that demagogues and charlatans used it so well in order to create this tyrannical “post-9/11” world. As far as I’m concerned, there should be no such thing as a “post-9/11” world because that only lets the true terrorists win. I would like to see the warmongering and mass hysteria end.

“The Truth About 9/11: How Jewish Manipulation Killed Thousands” by Matt Hale

BG: Any parting words for our people?

MH: I have a case for my freedom in federal court right now but no matter what happens, I will always do my duty for our White Race, prison bars or no prison bars. My main job is to give hope to our people, after all, if I can endure over a decade in solitary confinement for no crime, there is simply nothing that my comrades in the free world cannot achieve. Many of you are counting on me to lead our people to victory and I am honored by the confidence you place in me to do that. May Fate smile on our fortunes, my Brothers and Sisters! The cause of our people’s future is worth whatever we can give to it.

BG: Thank you again for your time. We all wish you the best.

Matt was the most well-known pro-White leader in America prior to his being unlawfully incarcerated, having been featured in interviews and documentaries on Fox News, CNN, NBC, the “Geraldo” show, and innumerable other mainstream media outlets. Now is the time more than ever to show solidarity with those who are standing up for the survival of our race!

Matt giving a speech at a pro-White rally (circa 1991):

Original Post: The Daily Stormer

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  1. I knew Matt back in the late 90’s , as I lived in Central Illinois. Not far from Matt parents home and when Matt was in southern IL for college.
    Now I am Christian Identity and not a fan of Matt’s so called anti “spooks in the sky ” pseudo, quasi religion. And have meet him a
    number of times , found him a egotist and well self absorbed. I would say ” narcissistic” would be a good term for Matt..
    Why I think little of Matt Hale –

    ( Terra )
    * A man in his to marry a teenage girl pf 16 – really ?
    Can we say ” PEDO” ?
    * Matt is suppose to be a potifix maximus – which is supreme
    leader in latin. And I took him on my jet ski and he whinnied
    like a baby to get back to shore and I was going fairly slow.
    This is a supreme leader ?
    I just honestly disliked Matt and no it had nothing to do with
    his religion. It was a personal thing.

    BUT – saying all that – Matt was a very ( sorry .is ) a very smart guy, and I seriously doubt he would OK a hit on anyone ! And
    certainly not a fed Judge.
    Though I dislike Matt on a personal level . I think he was rail
    roaded and then to top it off put in ad seg in Florence.
    My sympathies to Matt on the passing of his father!
    And knowing Matt – I will say he will fight till released !

    From someone who actually knew Matt – not some groupy from
    3 states or more away.

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