Legal Fundraising Raffle

Melissa at is having a raffle to help raise funds for Matt’s legal fund.  At present, he needs an additional $5,000 raised to pay a court reporter to transcribe the depositions of the 12 individuals being deposed for having allegedly violating Matt’s civil rights while in prison.  The depositions must be completed by the 2nd of June, 2017.  He already has raised over $5,000, enough for 6 of the 12 depositions.  Paypal has dropped Melissa’s site due to it being related to “hate”.  Hence please send Evelyn Hutcheson $5 per raffle ticket to participate in the drawing for the chance to win a Creativity flag or two “Free Matt Hale” t-shirts of your choice.  Evelyn’s mailing address is below.

A White Man Standing Tall by Rev. Molyneaux

Hail to thee, the most revered, Reverend Hale;
Yours is a sad, but heroic tale.
Gifted with brains and a will to match
You are a new breed of man, a superior batch.
Hailing proudly the crusader’s call
You fought with courage: A White Man standing tall.
Betrayed by a bodyguard in a most insidious fall;
And sent to prison in a trial most unjust; Yet still: A White Man standing tall.
Locked in a cage under evil’s thrall,
You stayed pure, proud and true: A White Man standing tall.
Battered and beaten but un-broken: A White Man standing tall.
3 hails to thee the most revered, Reverend Hale:
Hail Hale!   Hail Hale!   Hail Hale!
A White Man standing tall.

Help Fund Matt’s Fight For Freedom By Buying a T-Shirt, Hat, Mug or Creativity Flag!

Purchase from

Hats $20.    T-shirts $20 – $24.  Mugs $12.

3′ x 2′ double sided $40, $25 single sided;
4′ x 3′ double sided $60, $45 single sided;
3′ x 5′ double sided $80, $65 single sided;
shipping for all flags is about $6
all flags are polyester and use the standard Creativity flag design