America’s Foremost Political Prisoner

Declaration on Creativity to Be Completed by Creators and Supporters and Submitted to Matt To Help Him Establish That Creators Are Not Terrorists and That Matt Has Not Ordered Acts of Terrorism

Misconduct Complaint Against the Attorney for the Bureau of Prisons Sent by Supporters Gregory Morris and Stephanie Slater – June 19, 2017

Letter From Supporter John Crookston Which Is a Response To The Bureau of Prison’s Attorney’s Response to Deny His Ability to Join in the Civil Suit (Doc 181) – June 26, 2017

Matt’s Reply in Support of Plaintiff’s Motion to Reconsider Order Denying Motions to Join Suit (Doc 180) – June 26, 2017

Objections to Magistrate’s Order Denying Plaintiff’s Motion for Protective Order (Doc. 176) – June 16, 2017

Letter to Susan Prose, Attorney for the Defendant, the Federal Bureau of Prisons, in the Civil Rights Case (Doc 175)- 07 Jun 2017

Response to Motion to Reconsider the Barring of the Joining of Supporters in the Civil Rights Case (Doc 172) – 05 Jun 2017

John R. Crookston’s Letter Urging Supporters To Write – April 2, 2017

Summary of the Facts About Matt’s Case by Matt’s Mother – March 31, 2017

Letter Soliciting Supporters to Join Supporter John R. Crookston In a Coalition To Free Matt Hale – March 31, 2017

Sermon From Solitary From Reverend Matthew F. Hale – February, 43 AC (2017)

Press Release From Rev. Matthew F. Hale in Support of President Donald Trump and His Immigration Policy – February 17, 2017

Sermon From Solitary From Reverend Matthew F. Hale – January 44AC (January 2017)

Sermon From Solitary From Reverend Matt Hale – 43 A.C. (December 21, 2016)

Matt Hale’s Take on What the Victory of Donald Trump Means for the White Racial Loyalist Cause – December 10, 2016


A Message from Matt – June 8, 2016:

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Friends and Supporters!

It is a joy for me to finally be able to speak to all of you through my newly enabled email capability, forwarded to you by my great crusader, my dear mother! Finally, after 13 1/2 years of being deprived of email, I am at long last with you again in this format and I have great hopes that together we will make the most of that possible.

I am pleased to report to you that my transition from locked down for all those years to being in regular population has been truly extraordinary. Only nine days ago I hadn’t been in a room with another person without handcuffs on for eleven years, and yet here I am now comfortable being around hundreds of people on a constant basis! I truly do not believe that any person in my shoes could have made the transition as smoothly as I have. The love of all of you sustains me and always has.

Two days ago I was feeding the ground squirrels we have here by hand. It is great to see (and smell) green grass again and to see an open sky again as well! The feeling is truly indescribable, to once again live a semi-normal, natural life.

My lawsuit (Civil Suit) against the BOP of course goes on. That is because we still have to end the violation of my Creativity religious rights, something that is unchanged by the move. I am especially keen on returning to my raw foodist, fruitarian diet—something that I am as convinced as ever is the only natural and healthy way to live.

I am not entirely sure what it costs for you to be added to my email list (whether to me or to you) but by all means, send your email address to my physical address here.

On another note, it seems that ADX is not forwarding my mail from Colorado properly even though BOP policy states that it is supposed to do so for thirty days. (I guess they are so happy to be rid of me that they forgot my mail?) So, if any of you mailed me in Colorado and have not received an answer from me, you should probably assume at this point that the correspondence in question is “MIA” and should therefore remail me here.

Also, please spread the word on the internet about my change of address! (I do not have internet here.)

While I certainly have more freedoms now, I must say that they come with a price: I have to pay to use email, pay to listen to music, and pay for things that I never had to pay for at ADX. So your donations to my mother continue to be appreciated and needed. We need all the help we can get.

I am hoping to receive my property from ADX very soon so that I can recommence my work on the Civil Suit and continue my work on my third book. In the meantime though, I need all of you to both read and promote far and wide my first two books, Ending White Slavery and The Racial Loyalist Manifesto. I do not hesitate to say that they are the greatest books written for the future of our White people in the past thirty years, quite simply, and it is imperative that we put them in as many hands as possible.

With that I will close for now and look forward to hearing from all of you in the near future. I thank you for standing with me and my family as we continue to fight for justice and the future of our White Race.

Yours Truly for Our Folk

Rev. Matt Hale

What Would They Say?
Rev. Matt HaleWhat would they say if you did not fight?
And allow the brightest of day to become as night?
What would they say, White Man True?
Your children precious, who look to you?What would they say if you failed to act?
For fear of others and concern for tact?
What would they say if you worried about manners?
Instead of commencing your march and unfurling your banners?What would they say if your spirit became frail?
From being yearning and hearty, resolved and hale?
What would they say if you closed your eyes?
Resigned to defeat, with heavy sighs?What would they say if you closed your ears?
To the cries of your kin, eyes decked with tears?
What would they say if you abandoned ship?
To the glee of your foe and tyrant’s whip?You know the answer so I need not repeat,
Rather Victory forever and never defeat!
Do your duty and do not be lame,
So your children may never, hang their heads in shame.


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Matt Hale: Prisoner of Injustice (An Interview with Mourning the Ancient) *NEW JANUARY 2016*

Franzs Liszt – Mazeppa:

Matt’s New Book Ending White Slavery now Available at! Click Here to Purchase!

Welcome to the Free Matt Hale website. As I am the subject of this endeavor and have the liberty to do so, I thought it appropriate and indeed worthwhile that I personally address you on this site bearing my name. In the main, however, I will let the various legal documents soon to appear on this site speak for themselves, for there is no better evidence of my innocence than the plain facts of my case as remarked upon by these legal documents. Let me though succinctly summarize the facts so that some if not all of the myths about my case may be quickly dispelled as I have longed to do that for many years:

1) I have never, in any respect, solicited the murder of anybody. While that is generally recognized by all objective observers of my case, it bears repeating by yours truly as it is, and has been, commonly but mistakenly held that I was “entrapped”. For entrapment to exist though, the person in question must have, however, ACTUALLY COMMITTED A CRIME but that he was induced to do so by a government informant. Well, quite simply, I was NOT entrapped because I did not commit a crime — the agent provocateur Tony Evola TRIED to get me to do so, but he failed. No entrapment occurred in this case, as outrageous as the government’s conduct certainly was, because Evola solicited ME (not me him) and I simply turned him down.


2) Long before the events giving rise to my arrest on January 8, 2003 occurred, I KNEW THAT EVOLA WAS A GOVERNMENT INFORMANT. This will be surprising news to many of you but this is one of the reasons why this website was created, to finally enable the truth to be told. It was not remotely told at my trial due to dereliction of duty of the lawyers who represented me and for years I was physically restrained from writing you as I am doing now. So let me repeat: I knew that Evola was an FBI informant, quite specifically, at the very time that I supposedly solicited him to murder a federal judge. Did my jury hear the evidence that proved this? No, because my “lawyers” withheld it. Since I knew that Evola was an FBI informant, I obviously, as any rational and sapient person would have to conclude, did not solicit him to commit murder or intend that he did so. The case, or alleged case against me, was built upon the premise that Evola was some kind of trusted confidant or right-hand man and the media and others have repeated that ad nauseam. In reality, Tony was an obvious phony and thus I am obviously innocent.

3) Now for the clincher, if such should be thought necessary: NEITHER EVOLA NOR I WERE EVEN TALKING ABOUT A FEDERAL JUDGE on the key date in question and thus the very foundation of the case –even more than Evola’s status –is a total myth. The widely quoted exchange between Evola and I on December 5, 2002 referred to a “rat, Jew rat”, not a judge and there is overwhelming evidence – -that my jury once again never heard –that this was not a judge at all but rather a lawyer who was involved in the pending trademark case litigation. Thus, not only did I not solicit Evola to murder anybody or intend that he do so, but the alleged target of the alleged solicitation forming the basis for the federal charges, and for which I have been consigned to a 40 year federal prison term, was not a federal judge at all.


I could write more of how my jury (and the public) have been denied critical and conclusive evidence demonstrating my innocence but I believe that I have already revealed enough to shock the conscience of any moral and ethical person. The good and hopeful news is that I have pending a petition for habeas corpus on the basis that my lawyers at trial, by indeed withholding evidence from the jury proving my innocence, violated my Sixth Amendment right to effective assistance of counsel. Many, if not all, of the upcoming legal documents to be posted on this site will be from this pending case for habeas corpus, so I invite you to review them. Please stay tuned, my friends, for the imminent updates to this site that I have indicated. Please also spread the news of this cause of justice itself. My family and I deeply appreciate your support in this ordeal of several lifetimes that we have suffered. We remain unbowed.

Yours truly,

– Rev. Matt Hale

Press Release 12/15: New Wave of Persecution

Twilight or Revival by Rev. Matt Hale

Civil Suit: Doc. 75 Doc. 78 Doc. 80

Update on Matt’s Civil Suit (November 11, 2015) See: Here

Update: 1 | 2

Message from Matt (October 22, 2015):
I will be defending myself in Denver District Court Oct.27th on the civil suit. The court has allowed five days for the trial. I am well prepared and ready to defend our religion, Creativity.
 * * * * *

Current pending legal action:

Matt to argue civil suit through conference call November 17, 2015!

Lawsuit – June, 2015:
pgs 1-5 | pgs 6-9 | pgs 10-13 | pgs 14-17 | pgs 18-21 | pgs 22-27

Reply Brief (Matt and Attorney) August 9, 2015

Opposition’s Brief August 5, 2015

Matt’s Reply to Defendant’s “Response” to Plaintiff’s Objections June 29, 2015

Matt’s Response to the Magistrate May 1, 2015


 Matt’s New Book Ending White Slavery now Available at! Click Here to Purchase!

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