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Dear Friends!

Thank you for taking the time to read the transcript from my trial in 2004. I appreciate your interest in my predicament and am happy that the truth of my innocence can now be gauged in full by the general public on this website.

As you read the trial transcript, please keep the following in mind:

1. I was ultimately convicted of soliciting government informant Tony Evola to murder Judge Lefkow. Where though, in all of the testimony that you are about to read, is there any evidence that this occurred? Rather you are going to read a ton about my (supposedly) bad sense of humor, about the crimes of somebody else (Ben Smith), about the Bibles of my religious faith, and, most critically, about how Evola tried to persuade me to commit crimes on numerous occasions. However, where, once again, did I ever ask, tell, or proposition Evola to murder Judge Lefkow? The prosecution in essence made my trial about the Ben Smith crimes and other irrelevant matters because no evidence that I solicited Evola to murder Judge Lefkow exists. Look for that evidence as best as you can for you will not find it. Ask yourself, “where exactly did Hale solicit Evola to commit murder?” It didn’t happen.

2. You will read about how I, according to the prosecution, failed to tell Evola not to commit a crime and how I did not want to get into trouble. Well, these things are not a crime, and the last time I checked, people are praised for not wanting to be involved in criminal activity, not prosecuted. The solicitation statute requires a solicitation and I quite simply at no time “solicited” Evola to murder anybody and thus I am innocent as a matter of law and fact. That’s all that legally matters, not hype.

3. Pay special attention to the prosecutors’ closing arguments and how they appealed to the mob mentality of the jury and how, once again, they made my trial about everything but whether I solicited Evola to commit murder. And ask yourself this question, do I see a solicitation on the part of Hale or do I see a solicitation on the part of Evola? I think you’ll find that the latter is the case.

4. As you’ll read in the transcript, another government goon, Jon Fox, accused me of “soliciting” him too, months after I was already under arrest, but even a jury that had been prejudiced and manipulated by the trash spewed forth by the prosecutors could not stomach the testimony of an obviously deranged lunatic, and I was acquitted on that count. Such are the likes of government witnesses: paid whores (Evola), lunatics (Fox, and coerced retards (Burnett). (Since the trial Fox has committed suicide, Burnett has recanted, and Evola has spent his $72,000 of your taxpayer dollars.) I call them “the three stooges,” but that is neither here nor there.

5. In any case, what is most important is this: of all of the evidence that you will read, you will not read one word about me asking or telling Evola to harm Judge Lefkow in any way. That’s because I am the victim here and no one else.

Ask yourself if I could have made it any more clear that I wanted no part of his own mythical murder plot. And ask yourself who told Evola to pretend that he wanted to kill Judge Lefkow in the first place and you will realize that it is none other than the same government that is imprisoning me for its own crimes. Free Matt Hale!

Yours for Truth,

Rev. Matt Hale

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