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Final Court Decision And Summary Judgement In The Civil Rights Case, Dismissing The Case (Doc 212) – March 29, 2018

Matt’s Response To The Defendant’s Motion To Strike Docket Entry 208 (Doc 211) – March 23, 2018

Defendant’s Motion To Strike Doc 209 From The Record (Doc 210) – March 13, 2018

Matt’s Press Release Calling For The Elimination Of The FBI As Well As His Release By President Donald J. Trump – March 8, 2018

Matt’s Reply In Support Of Motion To Allow Declarations From Non-Parties To Be Filed (Doc 209) – 2-28-18

Why I Want To Be Free – A MUST READ And A CALL TO ACTION For Every White Racial Loyalist By Matthew F. Hale – February 21, 2018

Matt’s Evidence Of Defendant’s Continued Unlawful Activity (Doc 208) – February 20, 2018

Article By Jan Of HistoryReviewed.com On Matt – February 13, 2018 Response to Matt’s Motion Regarding Declarations of Supporters (Doc. 207) – February 9, 2018

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Matt’s Motion To Allow The Declarations By Non-Parties To Be Filed (Doc 206) – January 19, 2018

Matt’s Reply In Support Of Motion To Strike And Response (Doc 205) – January 11, 2018 

Notice Filed By Matt Of Continued Unlawful Activity By The Defendant, The U.S. Bureau Of Prisons (Doc.204) – January 2, 2018

Form Letter To The Pardon Attorney – Please Print And Mail This Form Letter Or Your Personalized Letter To the Pardon Attorney Twice A Month To Secure Matt’s Release – December 29, 2017

The Defendant’s Response To Matt’s Motion To Strike The Bureau Of Prison’s Fact Exhibit Found In Doc 199-1 (Doc 203) – December 27, 2017

Matt’s Response To And Motion For The Defendant’s 282-Page “Fact Exihibit” In The Civil Rights Case To Be Striken From The Record (Doc 202) – December 6, 2017

Letter To President Trump By Valerie Protopapas Asking For The Commutation Of Matt’s Sentence – Please Print And Send Immediately Then Resend Another Copy Once A Week For The Next Three Weeks (4 Mailings Per Supporter) – December 3, 2017

Matt’s Clarification Regarding His Press Releases (Doc 201) – December 1, 2017

Matt’s Notice Of Exhaustion Of Administrative Remedy Regarding The Ban On All Of His Religious Mail (Doc. 200) – December 1, 2017

Reply By The Defendant In The Civil Rights Case, The Federal Bureau Of Prisons, in Support of Summary Judgement (Doc 199) – November 18, 2017

Letter To Warden Fox From Matt’s Mother – October 23, 2017

Matt’s Response To The United States Federal Bureau Of Prisons’ Motion For Summary Judgement In The Civil Rights Case (Doc 193); 1 of 2

Matt’s Response To The United States Federal Bureau Of Prisons’ Motion For Summary Judgement In The Civil Rights Case (Doc 193); 2 of 2

Letter To President Trump From Matt’s Mother Pleading For The Commutation Of Matt’s Sentence And His Being Granted His Freedom – August 31, 2017

The Triumph of Life by Matthew F. Hale – Chapter One Release Legal Petition Composed By Matthew F. Hale For The Commutation Of His Prison Sentence By President Trump – August 13, 2017

The Bureau of Prisons’ Claims for Summary Judgement In the Civil Rights Case (Doc 186) – August 1, 2017

Declaration on Creativity to Be Completed by Creators and Supporters and Submitted to Matt To Help Him Establish That Creators Are Not Terrorists and That Matt Has Not Ordered Acts of Terrorism Misconduct Complaint Against the Attorney for the Bureau of Prisons Sent by Supporters Gregory Morris and Stephanie Slater – June 19, 2017